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Budding Treasure

22KT GOLD FLOWER DESIGN BABY RING- The blooming freshness of the flower in the center, framed by golden fronds seeking sun, are a happy celebration on baby's tiny finger.
$105.00 $75.60
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Canopy of Stars

22KT GOLD ENAMEL BABY RING- With a splay of forest green and burgundy hues and an amber colored flower in the center, this ring is a burst of vitality for baby.
$135.00 $106.73
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Celestial Swoosh

22KT GOLD FILIGREE BABY RING- For the royal baby in your life, this ring blends regality with sweet floral designs to celebrate the innocence and bright future ahead.
$135.00 $106.73
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Family Unit

22KT GOLD SQUARE DESIGN BABY RING- The delicacy of this ring, golden rivets surrounded by intricate design, make this a uniquely feminine and truly special piece.
$105.00 $75.60
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Little Wheel

22KT GOLD CIRCLE DESIGN BABY RING- The whimsical array of shapes encased within the center square of this little 22K ring, evoke toys in a sandbox of gold, the creativity and wonder of childhood, tiny footprints exploring nature, and the soft glow of a gentle crescent moon. Little celebratory blooms grace the band of this adorable, abstract piece.
$125.00 $97.84
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Little Wonder

22KT GOLD BABY RING- Lovely gold details and a crested shape, along with adorable flower petal cutouts, will make this shine on baby's finger.
$95.00 $62.26
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Mind's Eye

22KT Gold Baby Ring- A fabulous array of gleaming 22KT gold detail, in a calming almond shape, to catch the light on baby's tiny finger.
$185.00 $133.42
Price Per Gram : $88.94

New Wonder

22KT Gold Baby Ring with Hand Painted Enamel Accents- A sweet little enameled paisley swirl is accented by intricate gold and bead-work, in 22K gold. A delicate piece.
$210.00 $164.55
Price Per Gram : $88.94


22KT GOLD ENAMEL BABY RING- The deep hues of enamel and bright gold accents in this piece make it a great unisex ring, for the precious prince or princess in your life.
$115.00 $88.94
Price Per Gram : $88.94


22KT GOLD ENAMEL BABY RING- Elaborate, but balanced, it's the deep forest green in the center of this little ring that exemplifies fairytales and the far-off adventures of youth. Gold and garnet hues supply magical complimentary accents.
$155.00 $120.07
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Sacred Protection

22KT GOLD BABY RING- Featuring gentle dappled impressions in gold and a delicate bloom at the center, this ring is a fine choice for baby's first ring.
$95.00 $71.15
Price Per Gram : $88.94

Surrounded By Love

22KT Gold Baby Ring- A boldly styled ring for a tiny hand, this beautiful piece features a border of deep enamel, framing a bright leaf design, with a luminous, detailed band, in 22K gold.
$140.00 $97.84
Price Per Gram : $88.94

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