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Chand Balis and Jumkis

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A Star Is Born

22KT Gold Filigree With Crystal Polki, Ruby, and Emerald Accent Stones Chand Bali Earring EJC221021
$1,290.00 $936.38
Price Per Gram : $55.74

Bejeweled Fruits

22KT Gold With Cubic Zirconia Chand Bali Earrings- The dramatic leaf embossed expanse of gold serves as a lush background for tear drop shaped cutouts and a dazzling array of lavender and celadon hued cubic zirconia. Sprinkled with crystals and anchored by a stunning tear drop crystal-surrounded cz, these earrings are soft, yet bold.
$1,940.00 $1,393.17
Price Per Gram : $53.69

Bells In Autumn

22KT GOLD THREE STEP JUMKI EARRING- An elegant umbrella of jumkis descend in resplendent 22KT gold.
$885.00 $644.52
Price Per Gram : $56.54


22KT Gold Filigree Chand Bali Earring With Hanging Jumki Accents- For the lover of gold detail and craftsmanship, these earrings are all about texture and innovative design.
$2,925.00 $2,087.86
Price Per Gram : $51.94

Birthday Cake

22KT Gold Nau Ratan Chand Bali Earring with Fresh Water Pearl Accents- Colorful Nau Ratan and freshwater pearls dot a circle and 22K gold chand bali, decorated with gems and pearls, and finishing with gem and pearl-encrusted jumki and freshwater pearls at the base.
$2,900.00 $2,073.04
Price Per Gram : $53.09

Bodhi Moon

22KT Gold Filigree Chand Bali Earring- A celebration of 22KT gold filgree-work in various curvacious shapes, floats atop an equally detailed chand bali, finishing with a delicate, light-catching teardrop.
$1,675.00 $1,179.19
Price Per Gram : $50.94

Bountiful Beauty

22KT Gold Filigree With Rubies Hanging Jumki and Gugris Chand Bali Earring- Two regal peacocks gaze in opposite directions, resplendent with ruby eyes and filigree feathers. Anchored by a fabulous jumki.
$2,605.00 $1,866.90
Price Per Gram : $52.89

Bright Prospects

22KT Gold Filigree Antique Finish Chand Bali With Rubies Crystal Polki and Fresh Water Pearls Earring- Luminous freswater pearls beneath a ruby and white cz encrusted umbrella are the centerpieces of these earrings. A wonderful crescent ablaze in ruby cz and crystal is framed by an exciting fan of freshwater pearls at the bottom.
$3,485.00 $2,493.85
Price Per Gram : $52.34


22KT Gold Filigree Jumki Earrings
$1,260.00 $878.32
Price Per Gram : $52.44


22KT Gold Filigree Chand Bali Earring with Hanging Black Bead And Hand Painted Enamel Accents- Black enamel enhances the sunny glow of gold in this celebration of gold filigree, with whimsical strands of black and gold balls dancing at the bottom.
$1,325.00 $957.28
Price Per Gram : $54.24

Chand Bali Earring

22KT Gold Filigree Jumki Earring with Fresh Water Pearl Accents
$3,750.00 $2,684.70
Price Per Gram : $52.49

Chandelier Glow

22KT Gold Filigree Jumki Earring with Fresh Water Pearl Accents- Frothy confections of gold filigree and freshwater pearls descend playfully from floral shapes to meet with a dramatic jumki, incredibly detailed with freshwater pearls which seem to drip from the base, dancing with light-catching 22K gold leaves, and tiny pearl gugris.
$3,055.00 $2,191.58
Price Per Gram : $52.94

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