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All Dressed Up

22 KT GOLD BEADED TRIPLE HALF HELIX LONG HANGING EARRING- These earrings are unbelievably fabulous. Little multifaceted balls of gold connect through an awesome grid of shiny gold-work, like abstract chandeliers. They zig-zag and curve, overlapping one another, while three mirror-ball beads are suspended on the edge, seeming to defy gravity. These earrings are the epitome of modern cool.
$410.00 $302.68
Price Per Gram : $59.94

Burning Hot

22 KT GOLD Rhodium ENAMEL MINI JUMKA LONG HANGING EARRING- Wheels of glimmering gold and rhodium hold onto another wheel below, radiating beams of light from a beautiful filigreed center. A set of darling gold balls dangle on either side of the festive mini jumka at the bottom.
$820.00 $598.57
Price Per Gram : $56.74

Eye of The Feather

22KT Gold Long Hanging Chand Bali Earring with Hand Painted Enamel Accents 05
$930.00 $676.84
Price Per Gram : $55.94

Golden Moon Cradle

22 KT GOLD DOUBLE ROUND FILIGREE LONG HANGING EARRING- These dramatic, ultra-flattering earrings begin with a sun-shaped disc, and get more beautiful as they cascade down, with intricate mesh and filigree gold-work, encompassed within circles, leaves and crescents, and ending with swingy gold balls.
$905.00 $657.69
Price Per Gram : $55.74

Keep Guessing

22KT GOLD LARGE TEAR DROP LONG HANGING EARRING- A sunny disc of ornamental detail radiates at the top, holding a curvy ornament adorned with an elaborate melange of gold filigree, leaf and beaded detail. Jangly gold balls surround and hang from a tear drop-shaped charm at the base.
$1,085.00 $787.20
Price Per Gram : $55.44

Kite Tails

22KT Gold Long Hanging Chain Earring
$1,150.00 $825.23
Price Per Gram : $53.94

Leaves of Poetry

18KT White Gold Hanging Leaf Earring with Yellow Gold Accents- Swingy, bold and delicate, these white gold earrings are filled with sweet lasercuts of lacy yellow gold flowers.
$855.00 $719.40
Price Per Gram : $53.69

Musical Vamp

22 KT GOLD ENAMEL HALF JUMKA LONG HANGING EARRING- A sophisticated pair of earrings featuring deep autumnal tones in rich enamel, lending depth to a jubilant celebration of gold-work, and finished with a swingy enamel and gold jumka.
$645.00 $471.37
Price Per Gram : $57.84

Royal Parade

22KT GOLD FILIGREE TWO STEP MINI JUMKA LONG HANGING EARRING- These beautiful earrings begin with a glorious gold sunburst, surrounded by exquisite detail, and descend in equally elaborate fashion, with circle and leaf motifs, finishing with a sweet jumka at the bottom.
$580.00 $425.84
Price Per Gram : $57.94


22KT Gold Long Hanging Chain Earring with Rhodium Accents
$1,075.00 $777.02
Price Per Gram : $54.34

Sky Riches

22 KT GOLD JUMK DOUBLE LONG HANGING EARRING-A glorious golden sun disc is followed by open-design diamond-shaped drops, delicate and magnified by floaty suspended tear drop charms, with an open-design umbrella-like jumka at the base.
$815.00 $594.35
Price Per Gram : $56.34

Spheres of Glam

22KT Gold With Rhodium Four Hanging Ball Design Long Hanging Earring
$2,400.00 $1,718.39
Price Per Gram : $53.04

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