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Mens Rings

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Abundant Harvest

22KT Gold Men's Ring- This ring evokes an abundant harvest and plays with light and texture with the variety of techniques used in the gold work.
$785.00 $562.41
Price Per Gram : $53.56

Across The Universe

22KT Gold Men's Ring with Cubic Zirconia Accent Stones- Due to a unique patina in the 22K setting, the marvelous cubic zirconia in this dazzling ring seem to take on a subtle pearly oyster sheen, though the band shines gold like the sun. A lush ring suitable for a movie star.
$715.00 $515.50
Price Per Gram : $54.26


22KT Gold Men's Ring- The starburst at the center of this ring is bold and celebratory, with leafy rays emanating from behind, and intricate detail on the band.
$375.00 $254.63
Price Per Gram : $55.96

Afternoon Delight

22KT Gold Men's Ring- Diamond shapes and triangles predominate in this design, which features a four-leafed design in the center, additional fronds and a dot motif down the band, and an interesting interplay of shiny and matte 22K gold.
$985.00 $692.42
Price Per Gram : $53.26

Basket of Wishes

22KT Gold Men's Ring- There is a gentless and sensitivity to this ring, with its flower designs and delicate use of gold. Two golden blooms on either side of the band complete the pastoral scene.
$250.00 $178.44
Price Per Gram : $57.56

Because Balaji

22KT Gold Balaji Men's Ring with Cubic Zirconia and Hand Painted Enamel Accents- Tirupati Balaji is considered as the ‘Kaliyug Avatar’ of Lord Vishnu of the Hindu trinity Gods, and this beautiful ring honors him. Set on a smooth gold oval base, with a band resplendent with cubic zirconia Indian Sanskrit swastikas, denoting well being and auspiciousness, Balaji is surrounded by gold and cz, and detailed with gold and enamel accents.
$1,215.00 $870.40
Price Per Gram : $53.56


22KT Gold Men's Ring- Like a little star flower rising in the sky to meet another shooting through the heavens, this ring personifies reverent celebration. On the band, other celestial bodies seem to float up from a golden planet.
$500.00 $353.87
Price Per Gram : $54.86

Bird Flute

22KT Gold Men's Ring- A flowing diagonal leaf design moves across the center of this piece, enhanced by additional leaf detailing around the gentle curvature of the periphery. Additional gold designwork lends interest along the band.
$720.00 $517.08
Price Per Gram : $53.86

Bridging the River

22KT Gold Men's Ring with Cubic Zirconia Accent Stones- Framed by a gentle arch of cubic zirconia and vertical rows of baguettes, the cz in the center of this brilliant 22KT ring shines like a star.
$525.00 $374.95
Price Per Gram : $55.96

Building Trust

22KT Gold Men's Ring with Cubic Zirconia Accent Stones- For the person who loves structure as much as fluidity, this ring features beautiful cubic zirconia in a variety of cuts, framing the stunning showpiece at its center. A timeless, classic piece, with a subtly antique finish.
$495.00 $335.78
Price Per Gram : $55.96

Celestial Compass

22KT Gold Men's Ring- The detail on the band of this ring seems to point to the center of this dynamic ring, which features wheel or sunbeam-like spokes, emanating vibrantly toward the edges.
$830.00 $586.34
Price Per Gram : $53.06

Divine M

22KT GOLD CUBIC ZIRCONIA ASSORTED DESIGN MENS RING- Right angles and a variety of cuts of cubic zirconia lend this ring a tidy, structured look, with an air of opulence.
$530.00 $379.84
Price Per Gram : $54.26

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